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Bob Peliza Mews - WSRM Architects - Gibraltar


DATE: 2015

Client: Camoren Holdings Ltd

This new estate has been designed to create 514 affordable family dwellings of a high standard and quality, with strong emphasis on communal facilities, with public service and commercial facilities at podium and road level. The residential buildings are arranged within the development site to encourage enjoyment of leisure and play areas at podium level and beyond. Apartments will have storage, balconies and ventilated utility rooms. Car parking is integrated under the podium and is fully covered. These parking facilities are serviced by lifts to all floors.


The podium level is envisaged as a sustainable park with minimalistic planting beds, pathways, shade structures and seating areas within in a modern setting. The multi-functional, landscaped areas will create opportunities for informal gathering as well as spaces in which to relax at any time of the day, improving connectivity within the various spaces and residential blocks.


A sensitive intervention and integrated pedestrian circulation / access zone [including large DDA lifts] has been created around the historic mole head at Devil’s Tongue Battery. This will form the principal pedestrian route to and from the town area. There is also provision for a leisure orientated unit within the Mole Head structure with associated external space.


The development links well with the established public transport nodes and routes, and is designed to promote cycling and walking to achieve connectivity and promote health and well-being. The main pedestrian route from town or North Mole will create an important visual link connecting the surrounding areas to the new development.


The overall design has been developed to maximise energy efficiency, and is intended to exemplify the best in sustainable design. Some of the features are as follows:


Electric power generated via roof mounted photovoltaic panels can be supplied across the development, or potentially integrated back into the GEA grid system.


Rainwater harvesting possibly coupled with grey water recycling will be introduced and the harvested/treated water used to meet the irrigation needs of the planters at podium level.