DATE: 2015

Client: Department of Education

Refurbishment and extensions to existing historical buildings to accommodate a primary and a secondary school. The project was awarded based on an ideas competition submitted by a selection of local architects. The scheme aimed to provide a flexible joint use of amenities, shared by the two schools accommodated on the site, whilst retaining as much as possible of the original historic buildings.

New and the old

To draw a distinction between the existing historic buildings and the new additions, a conceptual architectural language of different finishes, fittings and colour schemes was used to assist the viewer in determining and differentiating between the ‘new and the old’.

The previous use of the site was as the main civilian hospital,

which had gradually expanded in its context.  Upon the relocation of the hospital to its new site at Europort, the site was left vacant for a number of years and underwent a gradual process of initial deterioration followed by a demolition programme, during which time the less important and less historically sensitive buildings and structures were dismantled and removed from site.