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St. Mary's Lower Primary School

The vacant application site has fallen into disrepair over the decades, negatively impacting the appearance of the surrounding area. The proposed development presents an opportunity to upgrade the location and encourage the enhancement of the surrounding buildings and areas.

The site's existing structures include a two-story building and a three-story stonework wall with historical significance, as they served as amenities to the main Town Range Barracks in the mid-1700s to mid-1900s. The development offers the chance to recondition these buildings to their original appearance and integrate them into a purpose-built school facility that meets modern learning needs.

As architects, we intend to highlight the site's historical elements while enhancing the urban fabric. Our goal is to create a modern school facility with all the necessary amenities for a contemporary learning environment.


44 Town Range, Gibraltar


~ 1,100sqm




Town Range Developments Ltd.


Casais / E&M / AMA / Belilos / ADF


Completed 2023

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