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Gibraltar Wine Vaults

The proposed design for this development is a contemporary reflection of the wine industry and remains true and honest to its context. Inspired from the natural crevasse formations on the outer surface of our rock that result in tall and inspiring caves such as ‘Gorhams’ and ‘St. Michaels’. Our fundamental ethos has been to deliver a strucutre that is genuenlly reflective of Gibraltar’s cultural heritage and takes advantage of its prestigious location as the soon to be new-found entrance into Gibraltar and etablish itself as an architectural & engineering icon that not only reasures individuals of its firm structural intergity and safety but also provides impressive vistas from a increasingly growing region of high-rise residential buildings.

The main entrance canopy structure is designed as a sculptural form integrating into its natural surroundings and relates to its urban context. An iconic landmark as a gateway to the wine storage and tourist interpretation centre within the rock’s limestone vaults, this landmark will also be in the focal sights of oncoming vehicular traffic coming into Gibraltar from Spain once the new airport underpass is operational.


94 Devil's Tower Road, Gibraltar


~ 2,700sqm


Adaptive Reuse, Commercial


Gibraltar Wine Vaults Ltd.




RIBA Stage 3 Design Completed

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