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Driven by the pursuit of quality - our overriding philosophy is to harness creative thinking and innovation, whilst developing imaginative and sustainable urban design solutions.

WSRM Architects
Architectural & Design


what we do

With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in various areas of architecture and design such as residential schemes, refurbishments, office developments, corporate headquarters, education, urban planning, retail, leisure, interior, healthcare and town planning. Our services include architectural and planning from feasibility studies to final contract production to corporate presentations, 3D Visualizations as well as topographical / measured building surveys.

our approach

Our fresh architectural interpretation is sensitively informed by the physical and historical context of all our projects, creating a bold interaction between old and new which is both sensitive to our culture and climate of the place.

a close relationship with
HM Government of Gibraltar ...

With 30+ years of firm, established commitment in Gibraltar, we have been able to nurture a close and respectful relationship between ourselves and His Majesty's Government of Gibraltar.

Having contributed to the Government's own development plan we can quickly take our clients fundamental vision and align it closely with the Governments own vision of the future of Gibraltar's built environment.

our team

We are humbled to say we are one of the largest architectural and design practices in Gibraltar. Our success is directly as a result of the exceptionally talented and high quality team here. With a balance of fresh creative thinking and experienced pragmatism we aim to always elevate ourselves with every new project and opportunity.

(+350) 200 74547

1.2.20 Eurotowers,

Europort Road,


PO Box 474

how to contact us

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We are always interested in finding new, fresh and creative talent to join our team. If you feel you could contribute to the high standards we set ourselves or in addition are interested in a summer placement here at our offices, feel free to submit your 'Portfolio', 'CV' & 'Covering Letter' to

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