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Monument Place & Monument Plaza

The proposed design introduces a new building to the west of the existing car park, housing the new state-of-the-art Gibraltar International College and extensive tech-office space. We believe that housing the new college of further education together with an innovative international centre for a digital and technological ecosystem. The state-of-the-art college will be equipped and prepared for adapting to evolving technological advances and can form a symbiotic partnership with the tech-offices above, which could offer apprenticeships to the college students as an on-site, on-campus, hands on learning experience. The proposals over the existing car-parking structure features a residential development comprising of a mix of family homes specifically directed to the mid-range residential market, where there is currently a considerable gap between affordable homes and recent high-end residential developments.


Devil's Tower Road, Gibraltar


~ 8,000sqm (footprint)


Mixed-Use, Residential, Educational, Adaptive Reuse


C.O.S Properties Ltd.


Techonis / apd Design Paisajismo / KLG


Full Planning Granted

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