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St. Martin's, Governor's Meadow & Bishop Fitzgerald Schools

Our design entry for the three new schools in Gibraltar, Governor's Meadow Lower Primary School, Bishop Fitzgerald Upper Primary School, and St. Martin's School, focused on unifying the three schools into one complex through the use of a triple-height timber batten canopy/pergola. This design feature not only connected the schools physically but also provided shading and a cohesive aesthetic throughout the campus. Our team worked diligently to ensure that the design was taken to RIBA stage 2-3 design, including thoughtful consideration of each school's unique needs and requirements, particularly for St. Martin's School, which is a school for students with special needs. Overall, our design aimed to create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students while enhancing the surrounding community.


Europort Avenue, Gibraltar


~ 10,000sqm


Design Competition, Educational


HM Government of Gibraltar




Design Competition 2018

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