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The Haven

The proposed 'Haven' development, situated at the juncture between Zone 1 and Zone 2, seamlessly connects Gibraltar's Old Town and the dynamic Bayside/Westside, embodying a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern vibrancy. Picking up the responsibility from the Siege Walls as Gibraltar's 'façade,' 'The Haven' commits to preserving this symbolic identity despite reclamation on the west side. With a rich history transitioning from the Treasury and Telecommunications hub to an inaccessible structure, our vision seeks to rejuvenate 'The Haven,' honouring its past significance. The design emphasizes a 'Double Aspect' facade, reflecting both historical and modern aspects. Guided by principles of historical respect, sustainability, and community enhancement, 'The Haven' aims to be an eco-friendly space fostering economic growth, community engagement, and social interaction.


23 John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar


~ 400sqm (footprint)


Commercial, Adaptive Reuse


The Haven 23 Properties Ltd.


NOSA / Sustainabuild


Outline Planning Granted

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